Top 3 Ruin Pubs in Budapest

by Alex

1. Szimpla Kert

This iconic ruined pub is one of Budapest’s coolest attractions and should not be missed. At Szimpla Kert you will find a unique, quirky atmosphere and tons of odd decorations that you would not expect to find in a bar… ergo the appeal! Szimpla is pretty much an establishment of its own in the city, and you’ll never regret going. 

Since Szimpla has two levels, you can find different kinds of ambiance depending on the room you are in. The ground level is much more crowded. It has a bar to the right once you get in, with seats all around going towards the back. The upstairs level has some more intimate spots where the music is a bit quieter and you can better have a conversation. When Alex was living in Budapest, the place was almost empty on winter weekdays. This is a rarity, though, and usually Szimpla is packed– so be aware of that.

Tip: Check out Szimpla during the day, too! You get a much better view of all the various odds and ends inside and can take some really neat photos. They often have farmers’ markets and other daytime activities going on as well. 

2. Instant-Fogas

Another great ruin pub, Instant is like other ruined pubs in that it is filled with eclectic things. However, it differs from the others, especially Szimpla, because it has a much more club-like atmosphere with lots of DJs and dancing. Instant is definitely best experienced with a group of friends! 

There are several bars and rooms inside Instant that each specialize in a different style of music. For example, if you’re looking for EDM, then check out that area, or there is an R&B area, etc. It is really up to you what you are looking for!

3. Doboz

Definitely more laid back than the other ruined pubs in Budapest, Doboz is still worth your time as it is a beautiful spot. Set inside an apartment courtyard area with a big tree in the middle, you will perhaps feel a bit classier sipping a gin + tonic here than you would at Instant or Szimpla. 

(The gorilla-looking thing hugging the tree in the middle of the courtyard with glowing eyes is a treat as well.)

What are your thoughts on ruin pubs? Pretty strange, huh? Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments! 

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