by Tegan

Click around below to explore our walking guides to Canada, a category we are hoping to expand very soon, with a budgeted trip to Banff and Alberta currently in the works! 

Fun fact, Alex’s family is Canadian, and we visit his family’s farm near Cobourg, Ontario every summer. The family no longer actively farms, and the farmland has been leased out, but the house and barn are still in regular use, and a highlight of our year to go visit. While there, we often go visit Alex’s friends from high school in Toronto, and have also made a few trips to Montréal and Ottawa. 

The eastern terminus of Canada is high on our list to explore. It’s on Tegan’s bucket list to visit Prince Edward Island and see the area where Anne of Green Gables was based. We are also really eager to visit central and western Canada, and see Alberta, the Yukon, and British Columbia. Have any of you been there? Any tips? We’d love to hear about it in the comments! 

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